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Norway's national team coach on differentiation
November 12, 2020

Norway's national team coach on differentiation

Christian Berge has coached the Norwegian national team for the last five years. Won silver at the 2017 World Championships and the 2019 World Championships. There is no doubt that Berge only chooses the best, when it really matters. This is topping!

Topping and differentiation are two different things. Topping is essential when it comes to winning the World Cup. But in children's sport it's never about winning, but giving kids joy and mastery with handball. In children's sport, it becomes to differentiate a tool to be used with care.

When Berge plans trainings for the children, he always has this phrase in mind:

"Everyone should have an equal opportunity to be as good as they want. Our task is to facilitate training with the gaze of each child for development."

But when it comes to combat situation, he's clock-ready:

"We don't differentiate in battles!"

Learn Handball 100% agrees with Berge in his view of children's sports. But how to implement this in practice?

One way might be to go through rolling switches in battle.

Rolling switches:

1. Place the players one after the other on the bench. Always change first, and when you get in from the track you get in the back of the line. This gives the coach a full overview of the order in which to change.

2. Always replace the next player after approximately the same number of minutes. A little depending on how many substitutes you have. For example, on the younger teams, it can fit every 3 minutes.

3. Always replace the edge player that plays closest to the bench. Insert the new player on the opposite edge. The rest of the team rolls a position.

This will give you as a coach:

• Children who get to play just as much

• Children who learn to play and understand all places on the pitch. (Goalkeeper is the exception – this space must also be rolled on, but it must be light-hearted.)

• Zero comments from guardians or players about unfair playing time or "fixed" seats

Did you know that the idea around rolling prey has its origins in another sport? Which?

Some inspiration:

"The Next Big Idea," in this podcast, discusses broad experience versus individual focus, and what is the key to success.

We look forward to discussing more about differentiation next week.
Handball salute, Bjarte Myrhol and Learn Handball team

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