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🥳 We have launched the app for players!

🥳 We have launched the app for players!

The world's best players show exercises in Learn Handball, now players can log in and watch the stars perform their special tricks directly in the app.

Our stars arouse interest in handball!
The influence of idols is no hidden secret. In the sport we love the most, namely handball, we are so lucky to have many fantastic role models with both healthy and safe values. In Learn Handball we want to use these idols to arouse even more handball interest in the players!

For many years, children and young people have seen videos of Messi and Ronaldo, on which these tricks are tried and learned on many a lawn or football field around the world. Here we will come in handball as well. As a handball coach, you now have the opportunity to help your players on that journey.

Separate login for players
We give all your players the opportunity to use the Learn Handball app, via your subscription, and at no extra cost.

It's that simple:
Add the players to your team
2. Invite them to download Learn Handball app

October 6, 2021
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