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Skjern Handball enters into a collaboration with Learn Handball

Skjern Handball enters into a collaboration with Learn Handball

The West Jutland handball club has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Learn Handball, which the former Skjern captain, Bjarte Myrhol, is behind. The agreement means that Skjern Håndbold has received the license to sell the Learn Handball product in Denmark. 

- We see great opportunities in the collaboration with Learn Handball, and are happy that through our network and platforms we can spread the handball project even more, says Thomas Bertelsen, salesman at Skjern Handball. 

Thomas Bertelsen, together with Bjarte Myrhol, will be the driving force behind the collaboration, which the former Skjern captain is looking forward to. 

- Skjern Handball and Learn Handball is a perfect match, which we are incredibly happy about. We have great ambitions to spread the project even more in Denmark, and therefore it is quite obvious that Skjern Handball will be an integral part of that plan, says Bjarte Myrhol. 

- For me, it is natural that Skjern Handball should be an active part of Learn Handball. We have had an incredibly good collaboration through my time as a player - and now I finally get the opportunity to give the club something back. But most importantly, we get even more resources and energy to spread the message about Learn Handball, which is to give all children equal opportunities to experience joy and well-being on the handball court, says Bjarte Myrhol.

January 19, 2022
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