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Dad trainers are the podcast that delves into children's sport
February 17, 2021

Dad trainers are the podcast that delves into children's sport

In the very first episode of the podcast Pappatrenerne, among others, Bjarte interviewed about the loss of versatility and play for pointing and adult seriousness. We've been fully podcasting since the start of Season 1.

"We think children's sports are a fantastic arena for development and joy. At the same time, the sport of movement is a massive experiment with children's physical and mental health, in which the adults set the premises. 97 per cent of all children are involved in organised sports, but from the age of 12 we have a drop-off of 50 per cent. Why is it so?

In the podcast we look at the latest research, and hold practice in Norwegian sport up against new knowledge about sports and children's development.

We believe knowledge will bring reflection to many people with coaching roles in children's sport, and we want to contribute to a broader and more nuanced debate about the development of the sport than we see today." says dad coach Eirik Øiestad.

Learn Handball claims:
If you listen to the dad coaches podcast, you'll actually be a better children's sports coach!

The podcast can be found here

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