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New record for handball bread
March 8, 2021

New record for handball bread

The bread was launched in REMA 1000 stores in January 2020, and just over 2 million have been added to the project. Sport for all is a collaboration between Learn Handball, REMA 1000 and the Norwegian Handball Federation. The sale of the bread will help more children, young people and adults with disabilities receive a local activity offer in everyday life.

"Those are absolutely insane numbers! We must be happy that REMA 1000 is behind and want to contribute to such a great project. I can't do anything but say thank you very much and that I find it very fun to be able to be part of a project where I know that the money goes straight to the joy of handball and the joy of sports. When children with disabilities are involved in sports, they have an enthusiasm and a joy of life that transcends everything I experience in my sport. Being able to see it and get a reminder of how great the joy of sports can be gives me a lot." says Bjarte Myrhol.

The video above is from a fantastic day in nadderud arena in 2019 with a lovely bunch of handball players.

Going forward we have lots of exciting plans and we look forward to working on such amazing and life-loving people! The "Sport for All" bread is still sold in all REMA 1,000 stores across the country.

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