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How to easily build well-being culture in the team?
November 12, 2020

How to easily build well-being culture in the team?

Well-being and cohesion are one of the most important factors for children to enjoy handball. Fortunately, our national teams are very good role models for this, but they have also worked very purposefully over long periods of time. In recent years, we've seen the results...

These factors, you as a trainer should think about:

Set clear goals for social activities in your team.

  • What do you want to achieve when doing social activities?
  • Is the goal to get to know each other better?
  • Learn something new about handball?
  • Remember that team building can also be done as alternative activities such as a walk in the gym or swimming pool

The activity should be adapted to the group

  • It goes without saying that team building with a group of 8-year-olds is different from an activity with 16-year-olds. There is no idea what is best for which group. When everyone thrives and is in a safe, inclusive environment, the framework conditions are best.

Everyone on the team must be included

  • Do something that is engaging and where everyone can participate, regardless of their assumptions.

Learn Handball's proposal now in January (low threshold, simple and effective):

Gather the team and watch a European Championship match with the handball guys.

  • The goal may be to learn something specific about handball, e.g. the defensive game. At halftime or after the game, can you discuss how the cooperation between defense and goalie worked, or whether the defense in 2er positions won many duels? Inform the children before the game about something to look closely at.
  • Anyone who plays handball can benefit from watching handball, regardless of age. The children will learn from seeing their role models. This often gives a positive effect on interest. With something as simple as a living room and a TV and some good discussions about handball, we are convinced that the children will both thrive and that the interest in handball is increasing.
  • All are included. By gathering the whole team to watch a game, everyone will feel included. Everyone knows they're part of the team - both on and off the pitch. Try to include everyone in the discussion about the match.

We can't wait to hear and read what it was like to watch the game together – send us photos and feedback that we can post.


Hey Norway!

Here you can watch the match today (Tuesday, January 14):

Portugal - Norway (TV3 & Viaplay, match start 8.30pm, in the studio from 8 p.m.

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