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Dangerous specialization in children's sport, chronicle in Aftenposten 17.08.2019
November 12, 2020

Dangerous specialization in children's sport, chronicle in Aftenposten 17.08.2019

There can no longer be any doubt that there is a connection between increased specialization and apostasy.

The chronicle was printed in Aftenposten on Saturday 17.08.2019, and was written by Bjarte Myrhol and Eirik Øyestad.

If you didn't get it with you in the paper edition, you can read it here:


Literature reviews of research on deliberate play (and practice), in which Côté has written a good book chapter on this. The reference to this literature overview is.

Côté, J., & Erickson, K. (2015). Diversification and deliberate play during the sampling years. In Routledge handbook of sports expertise (pp. 331-342). Routledge.

Côté, J., Lidor, R., & Hackfort, D. (2009). ISSP position stand: To sample or to specialize? Seven postulates about youth sport activities that lead to continued participation and elite performance. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 7(1), 7-17. ( )

A study that looked at this in Norwegian:

Erikstad, M. K., Høigaard, R., Johansen, B. T., Kandala, N.B., & Haugen, T. (2018). Childhood football play and practice in relation to self-regulation and national team selection; a study of Norwegian elite youth players. Journal of sports sciences, 36(20), 2304-2310 (

Interested in reading more

See what Norway's national team coach Christian Berge has to say on the topic:

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