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Three quick questions to coach Othmar from TV Dagmersellen
May 10, 2021

Three quick questions to coach Othmar from TV Dagmersellen

This week we talked to coach Othmar Buholzer from TV Dagmersellen about Learn Handball. Read here his answers to three quick questions on the topics "first impression of the app", "Support in everyday training" and "Characteristics of a good children's youth coach: s".

What were your first impressions of the app?

I find the app and the web system visually pleasing and graphically well designed. The videos are authentic and genuine. I see in the children in the videos emotions and joy. From the form here it has all clear structures, is illustrative and the handball exercises are understandable and traceable.

In terms of content, I also find the exercises clearly traceable. In addition, you can see that there is a lot of handball competence behind it. What I lack is that I can get to the right video even faster and thus shorten my preparation time even more.


Where can you support the app in your training routine?

Especially in the expansion of competencies and as a source of ideas. For me personally and safely also for the other youth coaches: inside, the app gives a personal security in the training planning and exercise selection. Learn Handball helps me with the training planning on the desk and in the animation / illustration for the place in the hall - on the mobile phone or on the tablet.


What makes a good coach for children and youth for you?

There are four areas for me.

- Einerseits gibt es den / die Trainer: in als Persönlichkeit: Der / Die Kind- und Jugend Trainer: in ist vor allem Vorbild und Erzieher.

- Then there is the trainer: n as a specialist: He / she should bring a high level of professional competence (eg technique and instruction).

- As a third is the coach: in as a trustee: in, consultant: in and educator: in asked. It is important to have a very high level of social competence, empathy, decision-making joy and that one can promote and promote and support.

- Lastly, it's also about the coach: in with passion : He / she is in a good mood every training, goes to training and competition with joy and enthusiasm.


Thanks for your answers Othmar!

Have fun and success with Learn Handball.

Source image: provided.

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