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Believe in yourself – by Nora Mørk
February 26, 2021

Believe in yourself – by Nora Mørk

The newly-baked European champion and world star Nora Mørk is now showing even more exercises as well as a lengthy interview in Learn Handball. We want to make children believe in themselves, both on and off the pitch. In the videos, Nora gives us a unique insight into how she thinks and trains, on her way back to the top of the world.

Learn Handball works to develop every part of the sport we love. This means, among other things, learning from those who have reached the top. The stars we associate with us are not only important because of their extreme skills and achievements. They are role models and sources of inspiration in different ways, and for different qualities we want to promote – in line with our values.

Tips for you as a trainer

One of the things we at Learn Handball are most passionate about is inclusion and unity. An important factor in the success of this as a children's coach is to create an environment where children dare to be themselves. We're all screwed together differently, both bodily, but also mentally. Nora will win at all costs, while others play handball to be social and have fun. We believe there SHOULD be room for everyone on a handball team. 

Differentiated needs

Facilitate differentiated needs – both for the player who is betting and for the player who is only in the social. An important rule is that the children themselves should be allowed to decide how much they want to exercise. It is NOT your job as a children's coach to select which children will be given the opportunity to train extra or play the most. Everyone should have equal opportunities. 

Talk to players

When creating an environment where everyone is accepted and feel confident about being themselves, it is important to clarify expectations with the children. Talk to players at an early age and involve the children in thoughts and opinions. Allow children's initiative and creativity. It is perfectly nice to make demands, but remember that this must be clarified with the child. The very best thing is if the children find these requirements themselves.

Create out-of-bounds experiences

When The Corona is finally over, we will shower our handball kids with experiences both on and off the pitch. Pizza nights, the swimming pool, or watch a football match together. This creates value, friendship and unity that often lasts a lifetime! I can sign that.

Wish you luck!
– Bjarte Myrhol

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